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Thema: Wetter und Uhrzeit selber bestimmen

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    Lightbulb Wetter und Uhrzeit selber bestimmen

    Hey bro, thanks for this reeivw and was the main reason I purchased from smokelessimage. Little prob I'm having, I had ordered the pro starter kit which comes with 1 pack of carts, and I also ordered 3 other packs of carts. After a few days of purchase I checked my email and see one from support saying they didn't have one of the flavors so I asked for random. I received the package a week later missing a pack of carts. I have emailed them 3 times in the last 3 days with no response :/
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    Lightbulb Ganz Einfach

    Hi Scott, great review and close to what I'm exripeencing. I am using the Volt for one week as my only pv and then will review it early next week. I'm keeping notes on every battery charge, how long each cartomizer works between refills, how many charges out of the pcc, how long it takes to charge each battery, how each of my juices taste in these carts compared with other devices, etc. My main amazement is that these carts do not burn, ever, it's a new design entirely. Wild. Thanks cheers!
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