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Thema: The LastCrafters! [Survival | PVP | Economy, Residence, Shops, Cities, Events + mehr]

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    The LastCrafters! [Survival | PVP | Economy, Residence, Shops, Cities, Events + mehr]

    Hallo, da wir in unserem Server eine Internationale Truppe sind, poste ich hier mal auf English. Hoffentlich ist das in Ordnung?


    We, the “LastCrafters”, want to inform you that our new dedicated 24/7 server is up and running!

    Since it is new, we do not have many players online yet. But we have run a pretty good sized server in the past, and we are expecting this to even exceed the old one. So gather your friends and join now to get a head start in becoming the richest and most powerful players on the server!

    Our server is running on a fully dedicated box just for us, boasting an amazing Intel i7 4770 CPU, 32GB of ram and SSD drives with a 1 Gbit Uplink. (Hosted in Germany!)

    As you can see, we are serious about this and are investing in high quality server hosting.

    Come join our survival server with Economy, Shops, PVP, Grief-Protection, and much more! We, the owners of the server, also regularly and personally run top notch events for all players to participate in (with winners receiving awesome rewards)!

    Server Name: The LastCrafters
    Server IP:
    Server Specs: Intel i7 4770 CPU, 32GB Ram, Dual SSDs, 1Gbit Uplink

    To give you an example of how awesome our server is, check out some screenshots in our Gallery:

    Here is an overview of the main features/plugins of the server:

    - Economy: Virtual bank accounts with the currency being Dollars. Easily send/receive money to/from others. You can also run auctions for other players to bid on.
    - Player Shops: Easily run your own shops using simple signs. Anyone can buy and sell!
    - Server Shop: The server itself also has a market shop, but in a “high tech” fashion using the /shop command.
    - Residence Plugin: Buy land and protect it from griefers. You can also build awesome creations and then put it on the market for other players to buy! With the use of subzones, you can even create your own city and sell plots to others! (All by yourself – no waiting for admins!)
    - Server/Owner Cities: Use portals/warps to reach the amazing themed cities built by us owners, such as: Athens, Venice, Istanbul, Cave Town, etc! Any player can buy and build on plots in these cities, which are located somewhere in the wilderness.
    - Arenas/Adventure Maps: Of course we also have amazing PVP-Arenas, Mob Dungeons and something we created called “Beacon Quest Map” – an amazing adventure/treasure map.
    - Events: We owners regularly and personally run top notch events for all players to participate in. Anything from spleef to treasure hunts to mob dungeon fights to speed runs to bootcamp parkours! Win these events to win in game prizes such as money and ranks!
    - PVP: Our cities are PVP-Free and you can also set your lands PVP-Free, but in the wilderness and the fighting events PVP is on!
    - And many other things to make the gaming experience on The LastCrafters as awesome as possible for you!

    We would love to have you and your friends play on our server – and hope to see you soon!

    The LastCrafters (Owners: benbobster, koxien2, bobrich) –

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    Ja, wir sind zwar ein deutsches Minecraft Forum, aber englisch geht natürlich in Ordnung.
    Was viel wichtiger ist, bitte die Backlinkpflicht beachten.

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